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The technical experts at JSE Infratech will work with you to determine the most suitable solution for your fire safety needs. We can install, repair, and maintain wet and dry pipe systems, foam-water combination systems, targeted water sprayers, water mist systems, and other fire suppression solutions designed specifically to provide optimal protection to staff members and visitors to your facility. At Reliable Enterprise, we also offer fire protection design and consultancy services. We can design the right solution for your unique set of fire safety needs.


The fire hydrant system is the backbone of the fire fighting systems in a building or premises. The system is a water based system consisting of water tank, suction piping, fire pumps and a distributed piping network. The distributed piping system establishes connectivity throughout the building through fire hydrants, hoses and nozzles. The purpose of the fire hydrant system is to provide a readily available source of water to any point throughout the building. This helps in controlling fire during an emergency. We provide both Down comer and Wet riser hydrant system.

Through the fire main system, the fire-fighter is provided with a reliable and versatile system capable of providing a number of different methods for controlling the fire. Water can be supplied through the fire hydrant system as a straight stream for combating deep seated fires and as a spray for combating combustible liquid fires.


At Reliable Enterprise, we can retrofit your buildings with sprinkler systems designed to comply with all applicable standards and regulations to ensure a greater degree of safety for your employees and guests. We also provide expert repair services for all types of water sprinkler systems.


Sprinkler systems have been around since the early 1800s. Fire sprinklers have evolved significantly since that time. Today, fire sprinkler systems are standard equipment in most schools, hotels, apartment buildings, warehouses, and other industrial and commercial sites. Reliable Enterprise offers a full lineup of fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression solutions designed to keep your workers safer on the job.


Deluge systems are used where there are typically fast growing and high risk hazards. when the detection system is activated by initiating devices (Heat/Smoke Detectors) the automatic sprinkler control valve (deluge valve) will open and allow the pressurized water to be filled in the pipe system and all nozzle will discharge the pressurized water into the hazard.