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Burglar alarm systems

We start with solutions from the leading burglar alarm system manufacturers, then apply our expertise to the challenge of integrating the best burglar alarms, wireless systems options, and remote management tools.


Our solutions offer flexible integration with existing systems including video, access control, and other systems.


Our systems offer alarm verification to reduce or eliminate false alarms and can include regular inspection, maintenance, and support services.


Our industry-leading solutions are fully aligned with local, state, and federal regulatory compliance.

Access Control and Biometric Solutions

Lately, bio-metric access control, fingerprint recognition, and attendance systems have become critical necessity in government, small, medium and large enterprises. Governments across the nations have been using this technology for purposes like civil identity, law enforcement, border control, access control, employee identification, attendance, etc. Businesses have been using this for employee identification, access control, authentication, etc.

Bio-metrics have proved to be more efficient, faster and securer than traditional identification practices like ID cards, access cards, PINs and passwords. Modern technology has made it easy to connect to information systems and the network. They can share data with a server with centralize database. This has made easy to access bio-metric services from anywhere through internet. Once reserved for high facilities, now has reached in the pocket of the common man. Today, biometric recognition systems have come to the price point, where small businesses and even individuals can easily afford them for office/home security, attendance, employee/customer identification, membership management, point of sale, and many more.

Reliable Enterprises provides a wide range of access control and bio-metric systems that satisfies your requirement and fits your budget. Whether you have single or multi-location, single or multi doors; we can create a reliable and scalable security system to manage your business more efficiently. We deal with multiple brands of bio-metric devices like Honeywell, Bosch, ESSL etc.


A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Typically the tip of a boom gate rises in a vertical arc to a near vertical position. Boom gates are often counterweighted, so the pole is easily tipped. Boom gates are often paired either end to end, or offset appropriately to block traffic in both directions. Some boom gates also have a second arm which hangs 300 to 400 mm below the upper arm when lowered, to increase approach visibility, and which hangs on links so it lies flat with the main boom as the barrier is raised. Some barriers also feature a pivot roughly half way, where as the barrier is raised, the outermost half remains horizontal, with the barrier resembling an upside-down L when raised There are various technologies for an automatic boom barrier.

One of them is electro-mechanical, which is widely used due to its reliability. The other technologies are often manufacturer specific. These electro-mechanical device comes with 24VDC drive unit which can run continuously without generating heat, so electro-mechanical boom barriers can be operated continuously and in an intensive duty cycle.

Operation of automatic boom barrier

An Automatic boom barrier can be operated through:

  1. Push Button
  2. Remote Control
  3. RFID Tags / RFID Reader
  4. Loop Detectors
  5. Any third-party access control device

Boom gates are typically found at Level crossings, drawbridges, parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas. They are also the usual method for controlling passage through toll booths, and can also be found on some freeway entrance ramps which are automatically controlled to drop to restrict traffic in the event of accident cleanup or road closures without the need to dispatch road workers or law enforcement to use a vehicle to block the way. Some boom gates are automatic and powered, others are manually operated. Manual gates are sometimes hung in the manner of a normal gate (i.e. hinged horizontally).

In some places, boom gates are installed across suburban streets as a traffic calming measure, preventing through traffic, while allowing authorized vehicles such as emergency services and buses to take advantage of the shorter and more direct route Boom Barrier is a gate or acts as a barrier to restrict the vehicle to pass through. It is used to direct the traffic and posts are arranged in variety of structure to control the unauthorized entry. Boom barriers are widely used in level crossings, draw bridges, parking facilities, entrances etc., Barrier is a pole pivoted to restrict the unauthorized vehicles.

Other types of Barrier:

  1. Turnstile
  2. Spike barrier & Tire killers
  3. Flap Barrier
  4. Crash Rated Barrier


Add an extra layer of protection to your home,facilities and organisation by viewing cameras remotely in a sequence at scheduled intervals or on demand from our remote, state of the art monitoring centre . Virtual Security Tours is one of our monitored and managed services provided with our highly skilled security Operatives.

For some , it is not practical to have physical guards everywhere at all times, making Virtual Guard Tours a more effective and economical solution. By observing and recording activities, our team of security experts are able to detect any suspicious activity the moment it happens, followed by a series of protocols that are outlined prior to the service implementation; whether it’s dispatching our mobile response or alerting law enforcement.Also, Security Guard Professionals are assigned a schedule to patrol your properties to ensure buildings and Personal's residing is secure.


Our team of trained Security Guard Professionals are assigned a schedule to patrol your properties to ensure buildings and Personal's residing are secure.


Our Security Professionals will respond to alarm situations received from CCTV / Burglar System and are ready to provide the needed assistance and take the appropriate course of action. They can check doors and windows enter premises to secure them and ensure everything is in order.

EPABX/Intercom Systems

EPABX system has become a necessity in today's office space. We provide analogue and IP PBX systems based on the customer requirements. We provide EPABX/IP PBX/Intercom systems which start from the basic level of 11 ports (3 lines with 8 extensions) to more than 10,000 ports. We can value add features like IVRS, conference bridges, GSM connec􀀬vity, etc...

Three pillars of intercom telephones
  • Supreme sound quality
  • Ease of use
  • Good connections

We at Reliable Enterprises provide products that keep all above three key points ensured.

Video door phone (VDP) system

Video door phone also known as a video intercom or door entry system is a stand-alone system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a house, building (residential complex, detached family home, workplace), etc. It is also called as the Visitor Identification System. The main feature of video door phone is that it enables the person indoors to identify the visitor, communicate and open the door to allow access to the person calling.

Types of video door phone solution provided by Reliable enterprises
  1. Standalone VDP kits
  2. Multi apartment system
  • Analog multiapartment
  • Digital multi apartment
  • TCP/IP based multi apartment

Public Address (PA) System

PA system installation or PA has two meanings. The most common is Public Address and the second meaning for PA is Professional Audio. Reliable enterprises pride itself on completing professional installation of all its PA systems, so we believe it means Professional Public Address installations.

Modern public address (or PA) systems must
  • Work with multiple inputs and sources
  • Provide high quality sound throughout the entirety of the systems coverage area
  • Minimize sound spill that extends past intended coverage areas and into neighboring areas
  • Above all, PA systems need to work easily and effectively when needed, every time

Nurse Calling System

There is an increased demand for better quality of service from the patients apart from the basic requirement of ensuring a posi􀀬ve response from the nurse station(NS)when called by a patient. Hence reliable enterprises has adopted “Elite”model of nurse call system to provide for advance features to meet the growing demands in health care.This system is designed to serve varied requiremnts of private rooms,semi private rooms,Deluxe rooms and general wards.

Advanced features:
  • Colour coded room number display with call description.
  • High quality voice announcement for narrating type of call
  • Pen drive interface for uploading room names
  • Comprehensive call forwarding and call escalation features.
  • Provision to view call sta􀀬on of all the nurse stations from any work sta􀀬on on network.
  • Display of calls in the order of originating time.
  • Aesthetically designed multicolor door and bed indicators help viewing variety of call status.
  • High quality voice announcements for narrating type of call.